URI Association

Standard Launch
Windows.System.Launcher.LaunchUriAsync(new System.Uri(“sm-plite:”); 

Launch with photo / video
Windows.System.Launcher.LaunchUriAsync(new System.Uri(“lockimage:”); 

Windows.System.Launcher.LaunchUriAsync(new System.Uri(“lockvideo:”); 


All URI will open Private Image/Video Lock App.  In Process to add image from gallery & also passing directly the image/video.

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Internet Browser

Special feature of the app is browser, which can be used to browse special sites under isolate area of the app. Browsed pages wont be come in phones browser.

you can use the Quick Lock feature also while browsing, turn your Mobile to lock the. App.

In Album screen, you can see browser icon to start browsing.

Tip 18 – Private Browser

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Upload 2 SkyDrive

when you are familiar with exporting images, then SkyDrive uploading is just a menu down. In the export album or export images, after selecting the album / images, you to need to chose export to SkyDrive from menu.

important thing to note is Signing into SkyDrive. Before any SkyDrive action, goto settings and swipe left to the SkyDrive page. Click on sign in.

after sign in you can proceed to export images to SkyDrive.

Tip 17 – Export Images 2 SkyDrive

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Export Images

By this feature, you can save your private album / images back to your phone’s media library. Here’s how you can do,

  1. login to app
  2. on the album screen, you can find export icon
  3. clicking on it will take you to export album screen
  4. select the required albums, click on export icon.
  5. that’s it, you are done.

for images, you need to open the album and do the same steps from step 3.

Tip 16 – Export Images

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Play Videos Securely

By default, all the recorded or downloaded videos will be played by an Phones Video player. When you are playing video you wont be able to use the app’s lock features such as Quick lock or Insta lock.

there comes an option to play your videos under those lock features. You need to change the option under settings -> video player to in-built secure video player.

Tip 15 – Play Video

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Orientation Lock

by default, OS missed to add this feature. So we did it in App. This lock is to avoid screen rotation with respect to device orientation.

this feature can be enabled from app settings.

Tip 14 – Orientation Lock

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Insta Lock

As this app is mainly to secure your images. Security is our main goal, so by default this setting is ON and no way to switch it off.

when ever you press home or search button or whenever you are getting call or switch on the camera or any sort of moving away action from app will lock the app instantly.

so you will never expose your app files, it will be safe the app lock… 🙂

Tip 13 – Insta Lock

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